Cchemical-hair-processHEMICAL RELAXER PROCESS

Mizani Butter Blend Hair Chemical Process

We Base the scalp with Mizani Butter Base.This light weight Jelly enhances scalp comfort and minimizes dryness.

We shield already processed Hair with Mizani Honey shield: This is a protective pre-relaxer treatment created to shield previously relaxed hair during touch-up application.

We apply the relaxer from the root not the scalp. Our Mizani sodium hydroxide relaxer formulated with an ultra moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, Shea butter and honey.Our calcium hydroxide formula with the fortifying amino acid arginine. The moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, Shea butter & honey provides exceptional conditioning.We return the hair to its Natural pH level using perfecting crème. This conditioner is designed to re-establish the Natural pH level of hair. Formulated with Shea butter, honey & strengthening ceramides.

We Neutralize with our Mizani Balance Hair Bath. A Nourishing Neutralizing and Chelating Shampoo with a pink color indicator, restores the Natural pH of the hair & removes mineral deposits. Formulated with moisturizing honey and protein for enhanced conditioning.