CAloreal-aminexil-control-advanced-2-hair-growthPELLI HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT

For our clients who want their hair longer, fuller, thicker and healthier. Our all conditioning service brings lye to your hair and keeps it healthy. Sometimes, we want that additional length visible to the eyes.

we know exactly what to do; What Our Exclusive Growth Treatment Can Do
We use exclusive biologically formulated Aminexil+ Omega-6 nutri complex
Our hair growth treatment is majorly used to treat such hair problems such as immature baldness in male, those loosing hair abnormally, those having stiff hair and other nutrient deficiency associate problems. In most cases these problems are
caused by a number of conditions. Other natural condition such as genetic while some are a result of lifestyle and habits such as the use of soaps, hair product with harsh chemical content which ends up damaging the hair/scalp.

Our treatment unblocks hair follicle which may have been blocked by use of wrong products. Etc, and then giving it the necessary nutrients thus resulting in the re-growth of hair in bald scalp. Our trained consultant takes you through the process and in 6 weeks, you will see a reasonable change and good



What we achieve with our growth treatment:

1. Moisturize andloreal-serie-expert-density-advanced-shampoo-hair-growthaminexil-velky-hair-growth3
nourish your scalp and hair.

2. Stop hair loss.

3. No more split ends.

4. Eliminates early or premature graying of the hair.

5. Demolish dry epid
emic and scratchy scalp.

6. Safe guards and restores hair that’s been damaged by bleach, dyes and un-necessary use of hair products.

7. Encourage extremely quick hair re-gro
wth by supplying nourishment for the hair & scalp.

8. Activate regrowth of alopecia