Permanent Colour
Lift and deposit haircolor, best used for grey coverage or when altering the natural hair color is desired. Color is long-lasting (permanent), and leaves a line of demarcation.

Deposit-only haircolor, best used to match, deepen or change tone of natural hair color. Color is long-lasting (four to six weeks), and leaves little to no line of demarcation. Our Semi-Permanent haircolor brands are Color Sync and Gloss Sync.
Grey Coverage. Whether you are looking for 50% or 100% grey hair, from a classic color to a modern color, we offer a range of options for coloring grey hair without the need to formulate or use additives.

Designed to remove natural and artificial haircolor, best used to create highlights, all over blonde or change previous artificial haircolor depth and tone. Color is long-lasting (permanent), and leaves a line of demarcation. Our lightener brands are V-Light De-Dusted, Light Master, Colorgraphics 2, Light Reactions, Gel Lightener, and Luminous Cream Lightener.

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